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Westbourne Gardens

West End, Glasgow

Westbourne Gardens is an extension to a townhouse in Glasgow’s West End. The project is about reconfiguring an awkward lower ground floor plan (which is a remnant of a historic conversion) and creating a better connection to the back garden.

A small extension creates a new garden room space connecting through to both the existing back living room and a historic utility space, which now becomes a home office. A utility room is now incorporated into deeper in the plan as part of an under-stair solution.

The glazing line of the extension is set back from the building line within a small colonnade. This gives an additional level of privacy from overlooking as well as mediating the weather. The collonade provided means protection from the wind and rain in the winter months as well as a degree of solar shading.

A flat roof structure means a ‘green roof’ solution can be incorporated and reduces the visual impact of the new structure from the rooms above.

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interior 1.jpg