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Strathaven Town Mill

Strathaven, South Lanarkshire

Dress for the Weather are working with Strathaven Town Mill Arts + Heritage Centre towards a full programme of refurbishment to create a unique and sustainable arts and heritage centre.

Strathaven Town Mill is B-Listed, consisting of two impressive stone buildings (the mill and the granary building) over 5 levels connected by small high level enclosed bridge. A number of interesting spaces, including a small theatre and recording studio, are spread out through both buildings however the circulation between these is confusing and ancillary accommodation in poor condition.

Our approach was to enhance the buildings assets such as the volumes of key spaces, the internal stone work and the interesting objects found throughout, while significantly upgrading the service spaces. A period of thorough consultation with users of the building was undertaken with a record of needs and desires taken from each, these included: a recording studio, theatre group, nursery/playgroup, yoga instructor and museum group.

Our proposals respond strongly to these conversations by specifying alterations to create suitable conditions for performance, exhibition, exercise or public gathering within the space. Movement through and between the buildings is also significantly improved with more direct connection between spaces relating to each other. Two new extensions are proposed to enhance the entrance and circulation in the mill and granary as autonomous buildings

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Strathaven Ex 2 05-12-2013.jpg