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East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton

Dress for the Weather, in partnership with Collective Architecture and with a wider consultant team, led the East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton Charrette.

The Charrette week began with an ‘Out and About’ weekend to connect the design process with as many local people as possible. This was supported by local ‘Charrette Champions’ tasked with making local connections.

The whole engagement process was also delivered in Urdu in order to include as wide a range of the community as practically possible.

Workshops were held later in the Charrette week, with different sessions relating to different themes. The information and comments gathered were then presented back to the community as ‘visions’ at a public meeting, attended by local people and local elected members.

Following this a report was prepared that the community council plans to action in the short, medium and long term in order to help improve a number of factors including housing, amenity, health and heritage. Discussions are also underway to incorporate the report as supplementary planning guidance. 

Design Team : Dress for the Weather, Collective Architecture, Land Use Consultants, Aecom, Community Links and Ryden

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