Kilsyth Patterns

Kilsyth Community Health Centre

Kilsyth Patterns is a sculptural work located at the entrance to the new Kilsyth Community Health Centre. Were keen to explore an artwork for the new health centre that represented Kilsyth as a town. What became apparent to us is the mix and variety of architectural style and buildings across a fairly small settlement. For us this became an interesting way of exploring the social and industrial history of the town but also contextualising the town within wider architectural and civic movements.

Kilsyth Patterns, as an artwork, is really about examining the variety of Kilsyth's urban and architectural history but in such a way as to encourage discussion and debate over the wider context - industrial, social and civic - in which Kilsyth sits. At every stage the work has sought to be reflective and celebratory of the town and it's character. A proud industrial heritage is shown through the buildings and spaces that have supported, aided and outlived it.

Key to developing an authentic representation of these ideas has been the engagement process. We structured the delivery of the artwork around a set of interlinked workshop events that would invite local residents to contribute directly to the design process. We toured and recorded the town with a selection of local groups and individuals. Then we took the photographic record of this tour and developed them into a series of abstract with Kilsyth Academy. These models would go on to influence the final look and composition of the artwork.

The artwork itself comprises a number of metal framed sculptures within a landscaped area outside of the Health Centre. Specific buildings, streets and spaces are included as well as more abstract ideas around the urban make up of the town.

The artwork is situated outside the main entrance to the Health Centre in the hope of encouraging visitors, users and staff to interact with the proposal. It is designed to celebrate the entrance to the building by creating a space for social interactions.

There are three different frame types: Blackened Steel, Shot Blasted Stainless Steel and Shot Blasted Brass. The planting is Euonymus Fortunei ('Emerald Gaiety') shrubs.