Paper Floor

Holmwood House Glasgow

Dress for the Weather received the Alexander Thomson scholarship, awarded by the Glasgow Institute of Architects, for our submission to an open design competition looking for a contemporary installation in the parlour of Holmwood House.

Dress for the Weather celebrated the role played by the original client, James Couper, who owned a paper mill nearby. Our proposal was to cover the entire floor in sheets of green, red and gold paper - stood on end - that reflected the undulations of the elaborate plaster ceiling and decoration within the room. 

It was common at the time for the parlour to be the 'good room’ where the fine ornament and decoration on display and was about impressing visitors. In the Couper family, however, the parlour was a much more lived in space and the proposed installation looks to make reference to this idea by using a delicate material (paper) in a robust and durable way.

We are currently working with the Glasgow Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Scotland to realise the proposal.

The scholarship was established after Thomson's death in 1875 and was previously awarded to Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1890.

3d view_v1.jpg