High Street Patterns


Dress for the Weather, Bespoke Atelier, and Glasgow East Arts Company formed a creative team to deliver a series of art screens and gates at 284 - 298 High Street for GHA’s new development.

The work is inspired by the areas rich heritage as the historic spine of medieval Glasgow and works on a number of levels from security to visual screening and telling a story.

Creative workshops with residents of the new build inspired a series of illustrations by Bespoke Atelier that went on to form the pattern of the screen.

Dress for the Weather led the creative team in technical aspects as well as experiential aspects such privacy versus openness and material quality.

The corten steel adds another layer of warm tone and texture to the red brick and sandstone of High Street. ‘Blocks’ were laser cut out from the corten panels are re-used and screenprinted with illustrations before being welded back to the screens.

The panels continue a strong tradition of functional and beautiful metal work from Victorian buildings on High Street.