Architecture Bar

Festival of Architecture 2016

A portable bar designed to support a number of events during the Year of Architecture Innovation and Design, in particular the Glasgow Institute of Architects' ‘Architect IPA’.

The bar comprises five frame pieces that bolt together in various configurations depending on install requirements. Each pieces has been angled and trimmed from a rectangular form to highlight particular features of the bar and to ease use by bar staff. It includes space for display of products, bar fridges, a speed rail, cash register, various signage, glass hanging as well as storage.

The frames are made from 20x20mm mild steel sections to create a strong but lightweight frame. Shelves (with patterns corresponding to the Architect IPA) and chalk boards can then be added once in place.

The project is a direct result of our Pub Typology research project on Glasgow’s bars. This charted the evolution of pub design and interprets the current trend for drinking - communicating the brewing process and ingredients. The design of the bar is about display, communication and experience.

The project was supported by the Glasgow Institute of Architects as part of the Festival of Architecture 2016. The branding and packaging for the Architect IPA was designed by Graphical House and the IPA was brewed by Drygate.

bar axo_v1.png
FoA_ArchitectsIPA_FullRes_059 copy.jpg