Competition | London Road, Glasgow

Our proposal creates an arrival point for the games area that can be seen from various locations throughout the city but importantly, along the main avenues of London Road (Commonwealth Avenue) from the city centre and Clyde Gateway (A728) from the south / Dalmarnock Station. The design is influenced by the large number of spires and tower blocks along Glasgow's main vistas - these buildings, while striking in design, also allow an element of navigation through the city.

To counterpoint the large urban scale, the tower incorporates a new public space to encourage longer periods of dwell time within the area. The kink in the tower, creating an overhang, is at a more human scale and is designed to allow views up the inside of the tower. The tower would act as a large periscope - affording abstract views across the city to those at the Games site.

The material finish would reflect the local context but also work to compliment the use of views and light. A perforated metal (cor-ten or expanded aluminium) would give a solid impression from a distance but a permeable one closer up - this would also allow the necessary light in (and out) for the lighting effect while also making reference to the historic steel working industry of the east end.