Typology Project

Research [Newspaper] | Glasgow-wide

The Typology Project is an ongoing recording of Glasgow's building types and their current usage patterns. 

Written and designed by Dress for the Weather, the project consists of a newspaper series (and related exhibitions) that explore and record Glasgow's built heritage.

Issue one, Tenement, focuses on the robust nature of tenements and their ability to accommodate a wide demographic range. This has been done by representing, graphically, their prominence, variety, arrangement and also how they are occupied.

The paper contains photographs, drawings and diagrams exploring how tenement buildings vary across the city, how they are adaptable enough to accommodate a range of occupants as well as proportion and aesthetic studies of specific blocks.

Format: Tabloid Newspaper, Full Colour on Recycled Newsprint Paper, 20 Pages
ISSN: 2047-9247

Volume One, Tenement, is available online at :

Volume Two, Pubs, is currently in early production and looks at the changing design of Glasgow's drinking establishments in relation to wider political and cultural shifts.