Trawlermen of Hull Memorial

Competition Entry | Hull

Dress for the Weather collaborated with FACTORY architecture and artist Jacqueline Donachie to propose a substantial and beautiful landmark for the memorial to The Lost Trawlermen of Hull.

The memorial is designed to provide a focus for individuals at private moments of reflection and for groups of varying size, coming together to remember. It is influenced by existing traditions of this community and aimed to support and enhance these.

The 3.2m high curved wall is a substantial landmark, visible from a distance. It provides a space for illustration of the Arctic grounds where the trawlers sailed, a visual connection between Hull and distant seas, many given local names. The wall, coloured in a hue reminiscent of the former brick buildings that once formed a vibrant dock, provides a screen against the Retail Park, flyover and car park behind.

Inside, it is a welcoming, comforting space, influenced by the concept of the traditional fisherman’s Bethel; a place to gather, providing support, comfort and, at times of loss, a place to leave flowers or mementos. The circular form is derived from an abstracted vase design, as was used to leave flowers in memory of individual seamen at both families homes and at the Bethel.

The use of a rough, hollow timber floor inside the memorial provides a different sound as you enter, reminiscent of a ship’s deck.

The smooth, solid concrete disc in the centre is heated very subtly, providing, again, a different atmosphere to the surroundings. A warm step or south facing wall, a feeling of home.