The Trail : Inverness

City Mapping Project | River Ness, Inverness

The Trail: Inverness project is part of a wider public art programme, 'River Connections: Art & The River Ness', that seeks to explore the River Ness’ ecology and vibrant wildlife. The River Ness flows for seven miles from Loch Ness to the Moray Firth. It is an asset that contributes to the unique character of the city and is distinctive for the rich natural environment along its length. The River Ness requires practical flood alleviation works which have provided a unique opportunity to for public art to enhance the works and associated streetscaping.

The Trail project will see the introduction of a number of beautifully designed and crafted way markers around Inverness as well as a physical, graphic map available from key locations. These physical artefacts will lead to a groundbreaking wealth of information and data held online. Here, The Trail aims to digitise a range of existing paper-based data, personal knowledge as well as new interpretations and insights into Inverness. 

Part of this work will include connecting the new public artworks along the River Ness through providing interpretation and information. The Trail will also include walking / cycling routes, information on the art and architecture of the city, natural heritage as well more abstract features encouraging visitors to ‘drift’ through the city.

Graphic Design: Gabriella Marcella