The Ladies Waiting Room

The Ladies Waiting Room is a collaborative project by Fiona Sinclair and Dress for the Weather, assessing the meanwhile use of the former public convenience on Clyde Street.

A fast disappearing building typology, this yellow sandstone toilet block would in fact have served both gentlemen as well as ladies. It is not known when the Glasgow Bridge toilets were closed, but the building has been disused long enough for myths to have developed over its original function… not a waiting room for trains or trams, but no doubt a welcome stop for many Glaswegians. The report used the framework of the “meanwhile use” project: identifying a historic building at risk of redundancy; examine its potential for re-use; work with agency partners to deliver the necessary repairs using a combination of traditional skills training and community involvement.

Whilst returning the building to its original function was an option, with the interior striped out long ago, there is an opportunity to create a contemporary intervention. Options included as self catering holiday apartment, an art gallery, a tourist information with bike station, a showroom or a cafe.

Riverside Cafe.jpg
Art Gallery.jpg