City Map and Guided Tours | Glasgow

Dress for the Weather developed a map of Glasgow that connects cultural destinations with the existing underground system in order to encourages a wider audience to engage with and interact with the city. By alighting at each stop within the underground loop, a full picture of Glasgow's variety and character is communicated.

Various themes are explored within the published map including Glasgow's drinking culture, the impact of major infrastructure projects on the city as well as a history of the various transport systems.

We have also led a number of tours based on this idea for a number of different education and cultural organisations including Doors Open Day and Glasgow School of Art and are interested in the idea of using tours and walks as a means for initiating discussions with residents and visitors to the city.

The tours allow an open discussion about how we use and navigate the city but also offer an 'agenda free' approach to public consultation and allow us to gain further insight into the city.

Project Partners : New Glasgow Society and Glasgow City Heritage Trust