Southside Art Trail

Temporary Art Trail | Cathcart, Glasgow

The Southside Art Trail was a one-day event aimed at connecting two prominent buildings on the South Side of Glasgow; The Couper Institute and Holmwood House. Four artists installed temporary works across the streets of Cathcart.

The artists involved in the project - Alex Frost, Kit Mead, Bespoke Atelier and Ailie Rutherford - created work  (sculpture, film, prints and a game) about, and for, the local area. A trail map was distibuted on the day to allow visitors and locals to explore the site specific artworks across the local area and experience the environment differently. 

The project saw the collaboration between Glasgow Life (The Couper Institute) and the National Trust for Scotland (Holmwood House) delivered by Dress for the Weather with input from a number of local groups and organisations.

Kit Mead's ‘Yore Faustine’ is a series of films revealed by scanning QR codes following a wandering figure around Cathcart.

Bespoke Atelier's ‘Pattern Vis-à-Vis’ is a collection of prints scattered around the local area referencing the work of Alexander 'Greek' Thomson.

Alex Frost's ‘Grand Tour’ saw sand sculptures based on the columns of Holmwood House placed within the grounds of the building.

Ailie Rutherford's 'All on the Same Side' is a collaborative game based around court markings.

Project Partners : National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow Life

Project Artists : Kit Mead, Bespoke Atelier, Ailie Rutherford, Alex Frost

Graphic Design : After the News