Energy Snapshot Report

Energy Report and Carbon Saving Masterplan | Govanhill and surrounds, Glasgow

Dress for the Weather were commissioned by South Seeds to create the Energy Snapshot Report. South Seeds are a charitable organisation with a focus on carbon reduction and community growing projects and operate in Govanhill, Crosshill, Queen's Park and Strathbungo. The brief for the report was to create a document that would assist local residents in the South Side of Glasgow to make carbon reductions within their dwellings.

The report explored the project area at a number of scales and in relation to a number of factors. These included building condition, tenure type, deprivation (as per SIMD) and building type. Crucially our inclusion of the typology study to the report allowed for the exploration of specific carbon savings that could be made to buildings depending on their age, design and layout.

All these individual outcomes were then overlaid onto a carbon savings map. This map created a masterplan from which South Seeds could assess the viability of intervention to specific housing blocks. The mapping design also allowed them to focus their resources in areas where there was the most potential for carbon savings.

The final report contained a wider strategy for making carbon reductions required within the area but also contained a guide for individual residents on assessing their own building type, where savings could be made and also how South Seeds could assist owners in making these changes.

The report received a Saltire Award for Innovation in Housing from the Saltire Society in 2013.

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