Rothesay Migration Project

Research Project, Tour and Exhibition | Rothesay

Dress for the Weather were commissioned by Rothesay Townscape Heritage Initiative to conduct a study of the impact of inward migration on the streets and buildings of Rothesay. This culminated in an exhibition outlining five different types of migration; Invasive, Economic, Stylistic, Seasonal and International. In order to visually communicate these studies DftW focused on a case study for each type of migration. These case studies are useful tools for the local community and the THI as well as also communicating a long history of inward migration to Rothesay.

Two building studies focus on Rothesay Castle (invasive migration) and Duncan’s Halls (stylistic migration) while photographic essays study Bute Fabrics (economic migration) and the shop fronts of Rothesay (international migration). A map of Rothesay (seasonal migration) was also created as a key for the subjects of the exhibition and also as a way of presenting the town.

Dress for the Weather’s process involved the conversations with many expert individuals and local groups. These included discussions with local tour guides, museum groups and other architects who have worked in the area. School workshops were also facilitated to gather responses and opinions from children who live in the town.

Dress for the Weather designed the exhibition stands and content. Working with Glasgow Sculpture Studios, the exhibition stands are hand built from 25mm SHS steel square sections. They are designed as abstract easel forms to display a2 and a1 boards and allow for easy stacking for storage and transport.