Competition | Merchant City, Glasgow

The Pier is a public art proposal for Brunswick Street in the Merchant City, Glasgow. A seminar and series of workshops identified aspects of this site which through the work we supported and challenged.

The proposal is made up of three planes of concrete in the shape of a pier connecting what was perceived as ‘high tide’ and ‘low tide’ along the length of Brunswick Street.

The Pier form is a contemporary take on a piece of traditional infrastructure, displaced from its usual home to serve a function in the Merchant City. The ground plane forms a planting bed for a cherry tree, satisfying a desire for more greenery and breathing space in the area. The second plane forms a seat to encourage people to dwell longer in this area. The third plane forms a catwalk or board walk which pulls the pedestrians view down the street to Trongate beyond. A cantilevered drop at the end of this route encourages contemplation about an area of the city very much in flux (this point is a threshold between up market Merchant City and downtrodden Trongate).