Netherton Farm Lane

Two new build houses | Bearsden, Glasgow

The two new dwellings are arranged to form a natural end to the street. A shared courtyard has been created by angling the two houses as the site narrows along it’s length.

The composition of each house comprises a smaller 'garage form' with front facing gable and front terrace - to maximise views over the canal - and a larger volume which holds the rest of the accommodation. This relationship and scale give a visual interest to the houses while also tying in with the residential aesthetic of the surrounding developer houses.

The dwellings seek to make best use of the natural surroundings. The courtyard arrangement makes best use of south light in key spaces at the front of the houses while allowing generous back gardens for the residents - which will also pick up the sun at the beginning and end of the day.

Internally the layout creates a functional and refined 'programme' for each dwelling.

A ‘working’ or ancillary core connects the smaller and less sociable functions to the larger square forms of the living spaces. This arrangement results in an extremely efficient and functional floor plan, making the best use of the available space.