Mackintosh Festival Workshops

Various Workshops | Scotland Street School Museum and House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Dress for the Weather have an on-going relationship with the Mackintosh Festival in Glasgow and enjoy hosting workshops for young people at House for an Art Lover and Scotland Street School Museum.

Workshops at House for an Art Lover included a Mackintosh treasure hunt around the house with clues helping the kids learn about design and architectural features of the house in a fun way. Sketching workshops and model making classes also helped build skills for participants to design a house for something they love.

One-day drop in workshops at Scotland Street School Museum have focused on play and the playground around the former school. Spray paint stencils of the facade create a fun activity to learn about the important features of Mackintosh's school. Participants then re-imagined the playground space and made models from sweets of their designs.

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