Larbert Exhibition

Design Competition Exhibition | Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert and The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Dress for the Weather were appointed by Architecture and Design Scotland (SUST) to design and deliver an exhibition for the Larbert Loch Pavilion. The pavilion was run as an open competition with the winning design being realised in summer 2013.

We structured the exhibition to reflect each of the stages of the process - 31 original entries, five shortlisted projects and the eventual winner. As the exhibition was to be displayed in multiple locations we developed a series of plinths that can be moved between venues but are robust enough to stand alone.

The shape and scale of the plinths is defined by the content they hold, for example the ‘winners’ plinth contains a tall element to present their drawing submission and a smaller table for a hand-made model of the proposal.

The ‘pitched’ design of the plinths makes reference to the eventual winner but also creates an interesting an inhabitable exhibition which is of a scale that people can feel enclosed and move around in.

We also provided the graphic design services for the exhibition content, which has be printed directly onto birch plywood.