Frederick Crescent

House Extension | Port Ellen, Islay

Dress for the Weather were commissioned to design a rear extension to an existing terrace house in Port Ellen, Islay. The extension includes a new kitchen, living and dining space and the client asked that these spaces were all interlinked in order to accommodate large family gatherings.  

The plan plays on the relationship between these three spaces identified by the client - the living space is contained within a larger volume, while a small step between the dining and kitchen provides a degree of separation while maintaining a visual link.

The design of the ceiling is partly determined by the location of the openings on the rear elevation of the existing house but it also responds to the layout of the extension. Two sloping ceilings intersect within the extension create an internal focal point and interest, while also creating a natural division between different spaces. 

Structural Engineer: The Structural Partnership

Environmental Consultant: 55 North Architecture

Contractor: Stewart McNee Ltd