Scenic Routes, Inveruglas

Competition Entry | Inveruglas, Loch Lomond

The site is in a prominent location on banks of Loch Lomond, at Inveruglas. It is easily accessible by way of the A82 and nearby car park and is connected to the nearby visitor centre by a small path network.

The proposal extends this path network by creating a habitable landscape on the banks of the loch.

A series of concrete steps would be 'sculpted' within the site area, connecting at high level to the existing paths and dropping down the waters edge. Inspired by the large existing rock formations on the site (and the views they provide) the proposal allows the lower terrain around the rocks to be inhabited in order to give another level of exploration to the site.

These stepped contours would be formed in various arrangements to accommodate a range of social groups and activities as well as allow unhindered access to the banks of the loch.

Viewed from the loch itself the proposed contours present an abstract, stepped landscape. These steps would create appear as a series of attractive sculptural planes that would merge into to their surroundings seamlessly.