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Lille, France

Productive Materials is a network along the Canal Deule based on the re-use and recycling of building materials. Using the two proposed sites as a local incubator - by establishing a production facility and ‘material quarry’ - we propose to grow a network on the waterways that both encourages recycling on a larger scale but that also puts a focus on local production at varying scales.

At Marx Dormoy we propose a ‘creative destruction’. A process through which the architectural heritage of the building is both preserved and shared. This site would initially become a ‘material quarry’ whereby significant elements of the building no longer required by the programme are transported to different areas across the city. The planned ruins, or remnants, of the site are then left with an expanded programme and green link to the surrounding open space and cultural functions.

Materials and ‘architecture’ from this site are then transported, by boat, to the Moulin Standart - a new material processing facility and public market. This facility is designed to embody an open-ness to the recycling and re-use of materials and follows a ‘market stall’ based structure in the buying and selling of materials. This would be supported and fed into by the surrounding construction and commercial businesses in the immediate area.

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