Europan 12 - Adapting the Block

Competition Entry | Vesterbro, Copenhagen

The proposal is focused around adapting the existing, inner-city tenement blocks of Copenhagen. The brief sought ideas on how the city of Copenhagen could adapt their existing streets and building stock to create a more social atmosphere.

'København : Adapting the Block' introduced ambition ideas on how social infrastructure could be introduced the existing urban block in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen. The proposals are shown implemented around a single block at Dybbølsgade, Ingerslevgade and Krusågade, but the ideas around softening the edge of the block, encouraging new activity and use within courtyard spaces and providing space for vulnerable groups could be applied throughout the city.

The proposals include exemplars of how to adapt specific physical features, prevalent in Vesterbro, to encourage a more varied set of social interactions. These range from small interventions in private properties, to reforming building access to include private outdoor space, to a new model in temporary residential accommodation built into the existing roof profiles. These block types have already seen a large number of alterations over the years - distinguished by the patched brickwork at certain points in the facade and our proposals were about continuing this tradition of adapting the existing built fabric to suit the changing needs of residents.