East End Tours

Mapping Project and Tour | East End of Glasgow

Dress for the Weather were commissioned by Glasgow Life to develop a cultural tour of the East End of Glasgow as part of Merchant City Festival 2013. The tour left from The Emirates Arena making it’s way to Merchant City focusing on themes of ‘Architecture’, ‘Social’ and ‘Commonwealth'.

The research and discussion preceding the walk focused on presenting a balance of contemporary and historic insights in order to frame an accurate cross section of the area and reflect on Glasgow’s changing landscape. Dress for the Weather considered this on a physical level as well as through time, styles and politics etc. Library based research ensured a base knowledge of the urban and architectural development along the route while meetings with key organisations and individuals revealed more social and cultural nuances.

A physical map was then designed by Dress for the Weather with careful consideration to it’s usefulness. A newsprint paper was chosen to feel utilitarian and ‘un-precious’ encouraging people to mark on their own stories or notes and to contribute to the walk / route. These maps were distributed with pens and pencils at the start of the day and participants were encouraged to mark on their own thoughts / comments or add pieces of itinerary. Collected and collated at the end of the day this created one map with multiple viewpoints and opinions. Dress for the Weather are in the process of making this digital and will be working towards evolving the walk over the Commonwealth Games.