Forth and Clyde Canal Artwork

Public Artwork | Glasgow

Dress for the Weather collaborated with Bespoke Atelier on this proposal for a public artwork at Bairds Brae next to the Forth and Clyde Canal.  The design for the shortlisted entry is influenced by the slowness and calmness of the canal side environment, the industrial and essential infrastructure of the canal and the social and urban situation of the site and the top of Bairds Brae.

Our proposal aims to celebrate the slow movement along the canal and centres around a large, rotating concrete disc which when pushed moves slowly round. This disc is divided into 3 sections allowing it to serve a number of functions. The inner and outer sections rotate while the middle section remains static. 

A pattern developed by Bespoke Atelier through engagement with surrounding communities is inlaid into this disc which forms a contemporary infrastructure that is loose enough to accommodate a number of functions. It can be a play thing for younger children, it can be a seat to enjoy a canal view during a lunch break or it can be a stage for the creative industries to perform on. At night the tall bespoke lamp post shines a white spot light to the centre of this stage acting both as a limelight for performance and on a more functional level, lighting an area which many feel unsafe in.