Queen's Park Arena

Competition | Queen's Park, Glasgow

Dress for the Weather's bandstand design was shortlisted from 75 entries for the Queen's Park Arena competition. The open design competition was run by the Glasgow Institute of Architects on behalf of the Queen's Park Performance Project.

The bandstand provided a sheltered, robust and flexible performance space within an urban park. The module, scale and proportion of the bandstand created a balance between the large amphitheatre and an individual human scale.

A simple, yet robust, material palette was used - steel structure with infill panels. The structure gives a strong form to the building while the infill panels are used to articulate the space for use in a variety of performances. For example infill panels are arranged to provide maximum protection from the prevailing winds and rain, while also preserving an open/public feel to the space.

A rear structure provides space to get ready prior to performances while a secure tower element would be utilised for secondary functions, such as lighting or film projection.